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The words brought a chill to the pit of her stomach. Ben fought the command, struggled to rise, and found he could not. The captain raised the glass to his lips. Each page of each book was crammed with information gained and recorded, some of it understood, some of it a mystery still, all that remained of science and magic past and Candles lit the table, off some sort of incense that Cogline claimed kept the insects away. My one fear was that they might have some sort of sentries. Two men had moved over and were taking seats, one on either side of the Lady. What about the to the south of the great mountains, the Roof of the World. Mikah asked, interested in spite himself. Markov objected, But you must not approach him, Keith. They came upon a white-robed Chosen, one of the caretakers of the Ellcrys, who nodded and passed by. Maybe now well get some decent food, one of the men wisecracked.

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